10 Ways to Come Out of the Coronavirus Crisis Stronger Than Ever

Mar 19, 2020

10 Ways to Come Out of the Coronavirus Crisis Stronger Than Ever


10 Ways to Come Out of the Coronavirus Crisis Stronger Than Ever

About this episode…

In this episode Erin addresses the escalating Coronavirus Crisis, sharing 10 ways that you can find peace and strength in a time filled with so much unknown.

In the wake of wild week filled with doomsday media, empty grocery stores and substantial business closures it’s no surprise we’re collectively feeling a little uneasy.   The big emotions we’re feeling are normal – hello, we’re human – but it’s also really important to lean into tools that will support us in keeping it together.

This virus is showing just how interconnected our global community is.  It’s demonstrating loud and clear that what is happening in one part of the world has a ripple effect to all of us.  It is demanding that we work together, put aside our differences and rise to a challenge that we’ve never been faced with before.  And rise we will because that is what we were created to do.

This episode will leave you with a shift in perspective, tools you can implement today (from home of course) and a greater sense of hope that we will get through this – together.





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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

1:40 – Our current status : In quarantine with two toddlers & a husband working from the kitchen table. #SendHelp

3:30 – Your nervous system has been hijacked

4:30 – Crisis shines the spotlight on areas where there is still space to heal and grow

7:35 – Keep your eyes open for opportunities to grow

9:22 – Try this exercise to help shift your perspective

10:40 – Calm your nervous system with 5-5-7 breathing

12:05 – Look for opportunities to serve others

13:37 – Look for the heroes and helpers

14:45 – Using morning & evening rituals to create routine

16:10 – Take a break from this, to give your nervous system a break

17:00 – Turn off Narcos and choose light, funny tv shows, movies, books and podcasts.

17:43 – Take a moment to identify the little things that make you thrive

20:06 – Breathing into the simple life

22:15 – The mindset that will save thousands : WE vs. ME

24:30 – A Coronavirus crisis call to action

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